Cut Down Mail Sorting Errors

Syslore OCR delivers extremely low
error rates and on-the-fly address correction.


Syslore Image Repository

High volume image database for all your mail piece images

Syslore Image Repository is used to store images from various image sources, such as a letter sorting machine, parcel sorters or OCR aided manual sorting stations. It provides an easy to integrate RESTful web API for storing and retrieving images. It can be horizontally scaled to support storing huge amount of images (up to billions) while maintaining fast and efficient image storage and access times. It provides a user interface to browse and search images stored in the Image Repository. It can also be used as an audit log that shows what has been video coded recently.

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Key Benefits

Cost savings 

  • Efficient sequence sorting and mail-forwarding thanks to Syslore OCR's market leading delivery point read rates
  • Syslore OCR helps postal operators to cut down mail sorting errors and misdirected mail-pieces with extremely low error rates and on-the-fly address correction.   

Increased automation and efficiency

  • Cloud or on-premise, it is your choice. Syslore OCR can be implemented on-premises, on a third party hosting or in a cloud as a service.
  • Reducing manual mail sorting and video coding work.
  • As a CEN compliant solution, Syslore OCR can be flexibly utilized with other solutions, as a primary OCR or as a secondary address reader to further improve the performance of existing address reading and mail sorting solutions.

Improved service quality

  • Improved quality of service.
  • Increased performance to ensure delivery time obligations are met.

Lower total cost of ownership

  • Centralized solution for all mail types (letters, flats, parcels, rest mail, and China Mail) and multiple sorting sites.
  • CEN compliant solution to upgrade performance and extend the life-cycle of existing sorting systems.

Key Benefits | Partner Integrations | Customer Cases | Contact Syslore

Partner Integrations

poweredbysysloreocr_blue.pngOur OCR can be licensed for various applications, also as OEM. Here are two different usage scenarios from our partners.   

Neopost MSA-9600

Syslore OCR is available with Neopost mail sorting machines as an integrated address reader. Together, Syslore and Neopost have delivered flexible and comprehensive mail sorting solutions in multiple countries for both public and private postal operators. Contact us for references and case studies.

Neopost Postal Solutions provides state-of-the-art solutions combining proven technology into customized solutions that help postal operators improve their processes, and manage their resources.

The Neopost MSA-9600 is a flexible, modular and easy-to-use sorting and accounting system for mixed mail and small parcels. The fast mixed-mail feeder handles all mail up to 16mm thick with ease, eliminating the time required for pre-sorting. The MSA-9600 can process up to 10,800 envelopes per hour through its certified, industrial dynamic weighing system.