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Syslore Analytics

Postal analytics and quality control

Syslore Analytics is an application and process agnostic analytics, control and process-monitoring tool for mail and parcel sorting quality control. 

With Syslore Analytics, postal operators can transparently analyze and monitor all their sorting and recognition processes, volumes and trend-lines through a smart and easy-to-use web-based user interface. To make it easy and affordable for postal organizations, the system is offered as a service, so customers don’t need to take care of details involving the back-end servers, such as storage capacity and installation.

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Key Benefits

  • Analysis of the whole sorting and recognition process with a sophisticated web and mobile UI
  • Can be used for all mail items, including letters, flats and parcels.
  • Systematic and continuous mail delivery quality assurance and issue solving
  • Transparently solve mail delivery claims processing, customer complaints and problem situations
  • Easy collection of truthing data and mail piece image batches
  • Available from any computer or mobile device - any time, anywhere 

Continuous Quality Inspections

Postal operators typically carry out mail event and quality check inspections manually in different sorting centers. It is a common practise to take letters with certain intervals aside and compare the physical mail pieces with OCR read results from a sorting machine log list.

However, in this way, it is challenging to keep mail event data up-to-date on a constant basis due to difficult and time-consuming merging of data from different sources. With Syslore Analytics, it is simply possible to use a web-based user-interface to analyze and compare any mail piece image with actual, real-world address read results. In addition to time and cost-savings, the Analytics information database helps also in future forecasting and decision making...

Tracking of Sorting Errors

With Syslore Analytics, it is possible to easily track each sorting decision and review if there were any mail-piece identification errors during the sorting process.

Possible sorting errors are fully detectable as the image of every mail-piece, along with the corresponding delivery/sorting codes can be stored. Syslore Match can also intelligently search the sorting address database. This is especially important in mail forwarding, where erroneous mail-piece identification can be troublesome and causes significant costs. This is especially useful, if virtual mail-item identifiers are used instead of printed physical mail-item identifiers.

Truthed Mail-Piece Decks

Generating truthed mail-piece decks and address data sets is typically costly and time consuming process requiring lots of manual work. Syslore Analytics makes it easy to quickly generate truthed mailpiece decks, helping postal organization analyse their current OCR technologies’ read rates and recognition errors and easily evaluate and compare new software versions, technologies and vendors. 

Quality Sampling and Spot-Testing

Syslore Analytics also enables sampling and spot testing to verify machine prepared mail. With Analytics, it is easy to verify that address data quality, address block locations, sender information, etc., are as required and meet postal operator's prepared mail discount requirements. With a web or mobile GUI, this is easy to do per customer, per mail batch or for a certain address area, for example.

Key Benefits | Customer Cases | Contact Syslore