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CN22 Data Capture

Automating customs data capture of international consignments-

Product Overview

CN22 and CN23 labels include customs data, such as description of goods, value, and weight etc. for customs clearance of international consignments. In case customs data cannot be recognised from electronic data sources, electronic data is missing, or corrupted, there’s a need for a OCR-based solution capturing customs data as automatic as possible. Without intelligent solution, the process is very cumbersome and expensive yielding unacceptable amount of manual work.

Syslore CN22 Data Capture solution is a complete solution capable of finding all relevant customs data fields. Syslore CN22 Data Capture is intelligent deep-learning based OCR solution, which maximises customs data field character recognition while keeping error rates at minimum yielding pivotal reduction to expensive manual work. Complete solution consists of multi-stage recognition process and supportive tools and technologies for maximum performance.

Commercially Proven Technology

Cloud or on-premise, it is your choice. Syslore CN22 Data Capture can be implemented on-premises, on a third party hosting or in a cloud as a service. Therefore multiple postal operators world wide rely on Syslore CN22 Data Capture solution.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely high read rates with extremely low error rates and on-the-fly address correction cut down your manual effort and minuses your costs for customs data capture
  • Recognition for different customs data fields can be selected freely, and all recognition phases and tools are optimised for maximum performance and operational efficiency
  • Includes several machine learning innovations enabling invincible productivity
  • CEN compliant solution enables fast and easy integration to any third party recognition system or sorting machine

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