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Syslore releases OCRX version 2 - Improved accuracy and ease of use

Posted by admin on November 30, 2011

Syslore,  the leading developer of high-performance address matching and recognition solutions for postal and logistics companies, is releasing Syslore OCRX version 2 with significantly improved accuracy and ease-of-use for deployment and usage in different postal environments.

Syslore OCRX is a complete address reading OCR system with emphasis on easy deployment and integration. Syslore OCRX helps smaller postal operators and private postal and mailing companies to reduce operational costs and increase mail sorting automation.

With the new Syslore OCRX version 2, Syslore has placed a great deal of effort to further develop the user-friendliness of the system. The latest version includes a web-based, intuitive graphical user interface to help in technical support processes, system configuration and installation. Users can for example view the latest recognition results, check the system status and performance, as well as analyze the current and historical system performance graphics.

Syslore OCRX recognition engine has also been significantly further developed and redesigned to improve the address reading accuracy, minimize error rates and reduce latency. For special batches of mail, users can now override the automatic address block detection and manually set the ROI from the user interface. The system can also process input images, i.e. mail items in any orientation. The recognition engine combines a highly efficient address block recognition “ROI” component, multiple character recognition algorithms and an intelligent fuzzy address lookup engine to cross-reference reading results with an address database.

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