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Itella selects Syslore address verification and search tool

Posted by admin on June 25, 2011

Syslore Address Verification and Search Tool Provides Improved efficiency for Itella Information Service.

Syslore has delivered an intelligent, web-based address information service tool for Itella. Targeted towards mailing customers, the Itella Information Service, is a letter forwarding and clearing service, which directs the recipient's mail to a changed address and provides information on the changed address to the sending customer.

The address and recipient data verification and search tool, developed by Syslore, facilitates and speeds up the clearing of changed and ambiguous data and the overall accuracy of the service. The Syslore tool searches the up-to-date address data from the Itella address database, and the data can be compared to the address information in the letter that the customer has sent. The intelligent Syslore fuzzy search system searches the recipient database for similar address and name data, and all different written versions of them, and displays the recipient's address and name history.

Apart from a full text search, the user interface can be used to identify an information service barcode from the picture of a letter and store its data content. The tool checks the accuracy of the barcode, and is also able to ensure that the sender has the right to use the service. In this way, Itella can detect any possible cases in which the sender uses the information service without authorization. The tool is web-based, so the only requirement for its use is an Internet connection and a web-browser.

For additional information, please contact Søren Boll, Vice President of Sales,, +45 2130 1060

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