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Introducing Match, a new address matching platform

Posted by admin on October 1, 2013

Syslore, a leading developer of intelligent and high-performance address matching and recognition solutions, is proud to introduce Syslore Match, a completely redesigned software platform for intelligent address matching and identity resolution solutions and services.

Syslore Match is the sixth major version of the matching solution designed especially for postal and logistics companies. With this new version, Syslore Match will also replace our old brand name, Syslore IAL (Intelligent Address Lookup), better describing and expressing the purpose of Syslore Match to MATCH INEXACT DATA with unmatched accuracy, speed and intelligence.

Highlights of the new solution include:

  • The matching accuracy and error-tolerance of Syslore Match is based on a dual matching approach. The system combines two orthogonal matching engines using data driven and rules based approaches. Both engines are based on a high-performance in-memory fuzzy index. An internal voter function is used for increased accuracy and confidence.
  • Syslore Match architecture scales near linearly to support massive amount of queries, and can handle up to 1400 queries per second in only 10 standard, low-cost rack mountable units. That's 5 million queries per hour, 120 million per day. And it can be scaled to even bigger - a full cabinet support up to 18 million queries per hour.
  • Syslore Match is available as a cloud-based Saas solution or as and on-site deployment. Integration to existing systems is easy with a readily available Syslore Match SDK.
  • Syslore Match uses industry standards compliant and open interfaces for all communication, making integrations quick and cost effective. Network and application integration architecture is based on modern and proven technologies such as HTTP, REST and SOA.
  • To ensure production quality, Syslore Match is easy to integrate with any industry standard central network management systems.

See here for more information about Syslore Match.