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Secondary OCR

Secondary OCR to upgrade performance and extend life-cycle of existing address reading and mail-sorting systems.

Syslore OCR can be used as a secondary address recognition solution to improve and upgrade the performance of existing OCR solutions and address reading platforms.

Retrofit projects with Syslore can provide significant cost savings, productivity improvements and superior performance with the fraction of a cost compared to investing in new OCR systems or replacing the whole system with a completely new sorting system.

When comparing retrofit vs. new-build mail-sorting investments, postal operators might see the following benefits on utilizing the CEN compliant Syslore OCR as a secondary address reader:

  • It is possible to utilize the existing hardware and software infrastructure
  • Faster deployment projects
  • Easier and much faster procurement process 
  • Syslore has a long experience on working together with the World's leading mail-sorting machine and OCR vendors
  • Onsite, centralized or cloud installation
  • Superior address reading performance leads to reduced manual mail sorting and less misdirected mail pieces
You can expect approximately the following performance improvements to the read rates of your existing OCR:
  • Recipient level read rate of machine printed letters and flats: typically over + 20%-point increase
  • Delivery point level read rate of machine printed letters and flats: typically over + 10%-point increase
  • Zip level read rate of machine printed letters and flats: typically over + 2%-point increase
In addition to this, our secondary OCR is capable of lowering your error rate at the same time.

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