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Secondary Lookup for Parcel OCRs

Improve your Parcel OCR efficiency by 20%

Taking Syslore Match into use as a secondary address lookup system with an existing parcel OCR will improve the overall parcel reading effectiveness significantly. 

Syslore Match can improve read rates typically more than 20%. Because Syslore Match uses the full address database as a matching reference database, the customer can decide to what level the address matching is done. As an example: If the exiting parcel OCR solution is performing Zip level recognitions only, Syslore Match can be configured to improve only Zip level. However, if the customer needs deeper address level matches, such as delivery point or recipient level matches for sequencing, Syslore Match is capable of returning these as well even if the existing OCR is capable of recognizing to zip level only. Depending on customer's needs, our solution can be integrated so that it will get only the reject flow from the primary parcel OCR or the full mail flow. 

This example assumes that Syslore Match receives only reject flow from the Parcel OCR and performs only zip level recognition improvements
In addition to improved read rate, Syslore Match reduces recognition errors made by the primary OCR system, or the video coders of the primary OCR rejects, or if the sender has misspelled the address or zip. This is achievable with different algorithmal approach and because Syslore Match uses the full address database as a matching reference database, and therefore takes the relations in the address data intelligently into account in the matching process.
Syslore Match can be integrated as a centralised solution meaning that there's no need for local deployments at all. In practice, all the parcel OCRs from different sites around the country can be connected to a single matching hub. This makes the integration and maintenance easy, cost effective and straightforward.
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