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Presorting of Electronic and Hybrid Mail

Service for mailing and printing houses and direct marketing companies.

Pre-sorting of electronic mail is a service for mailing and printing houses and direct marketing companies. In this service, address sets are recognized and sorted, and possibly also sequenced in electronic format before actual printing of mail pieces. The challenge is that the address material from large service houses that must be recognised is often in assorted order and in different formats. Another challenge is the address recognition level and performance, because the unrecognized addresses will enter the machine sorting or manual process.

Syslore Match streamlines the sorting process and saves costs due to significantly reduced physical sorting. Syslore Match reads the customer's addresses and recognises the addresses from the address database. The recognition process detects old addresses, corrects spelling errors and wrong addresses and opens the abbreviations in the addresses. As a result, system gets the original address, the corrected and standardized address and a delivery address, which is used for sequence sorting. After the recognition, the addresses are sorted according to the delivery address directly to the delivery order before the printing and fulfillment process. 

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