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Parcel Pre-announcement Matching

Matching of parcel recipients and full address data from EDI messages.

Most of the large parcel senders (e.g. ecommerce hubs) accompany their parcels with pre-announcements to the postal operator. A pre-announcement is typically a digital message, such as an EDI, arriving some time before the parcel itself. It states, along with information on services the customer requires, the intended recipient of the parcel.

The benefits from the pre-announcement lie in more efficient sorting and delivery. It voids the need of often difficult and error-prone optical address recognition from the label, allowing the destination to be obtained with a much easier operation: reading a barcode from the parcel and finding the corresponding pre-announcement. On a larger scale the pre-announcement allows the parcel operator to prepare for the incoming parcel flows, adjusting for example the delivery route plans based on the expected volumes. 

Usually addresses contained in the pre-announcements are far from optimal, greatly reducing the benefits gained. They originate from sender's customer databases, which are notoriously full of errors and ambiguities when compared with the address databases of the postal operator. Further, if the recipient happens to be a company, the name of the company might not be the official one included in the postal operator address registers.

Enter Syslore Match, the most effective high performance address matcher available in the markets. It's able to learn the quirks and oddities of the pre-announcements, finding the intended destination in a fraction of a second. 

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