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Identity Resolution for Electronic Mail

An identity resolution matcher for electronic mail and digital mail-box services.

The purpose of electronic mail or digital mail-box services are to provide consumers a location where they can receive and save letters in an electronic format, instead of paper letters. To deliver the right messages to the right recipient, these services needs to recognize the recipient and to determine the recipient's preferred delivery channel. Because many mailings contain confidential material and letters go directly to the recipient without the usual mail sorting procedure and name check from the envelope, the faultlessness is extremely important.

The problem with electronic mail is the address recognition level, and possible errors in recipient identity resolution. By using Syslore Match, the identity resolution and recipient recognition level of electronic mail/digital mail-box service can be increased without additional errors and in that way it can minimise the number of mail items that must be manually checked and verified. Syslore Match provides an API query interface for accurate and reliable identity resolution for any electronic mail applications and hybrid mail services.


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