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Custom Software Solutions

Use our application development and postal industry expertise

Intelligent Software from Syslore

Since we already have the experience of creating software solutions for postal business, we can take this work and our knowledge and produce results for you in an agile and cost effective manner. 

Custom Development

Syslore offers tailored high-performance OCR, address matching, quality control and related solutions and software tools to postal and logistics companies. Syslore is specialised for using computer vision, optical character recognition, machine learning and data-driven algorithms as an integral part of the solution. 

We are specialized in developing software, which is able to

  1. Understand complex multi-modal input from the real world
  2. Make rational decisions based on the observations it makes 
  3. React to stimulus in real time, and provide simple feedback mechanisms to operator

Processes requiring humans to make repetitive decisions are error-prone and expensive. Using intelligent computer software as a seamless part of the process errors can be reduced and the efficiency increased. Our long expertise in automatised handling of mail flow has taught us to make software solutions, where the quality of automatised decisions is essential. 

Example scenario

Collecting data from paper forms is laborious and error prone process, and utilising off-the-shelf automatic capturing software is too error prone if the correctness of the data is mandatory requirement of the process.

Syslore offers cost-effective custom solutions for this problem, where

  1. OCR is performed to the input form
  2. The information is matched against the database. The matching process produces a confidence of the result. It is based on the correctness of the OCR result, and the information content of the database. 
  3. Intuitive user interface is tailored for verifying the data. Confidence information is shown to end user, which increases the efficiency of the verification process. 
  4. Correct data is persisted to a storage. 

Contact us with information on your particular problem, and we will send you a proposal and a quote. 

Syslore Development Process

We use Agile practices both in software development and in project management. Many of our clients tell us that this adds value in ways that no traditional process can match. In the time that other developers take to write a single specification document, you can already be using the first parts of your new software. Time is money.

For each sprint of the development process, the client agrees to a finite set of system functions, and the development team commits to delivering these.

Development progresses from iteration to iteration. Between iterations, the client may choose to change priorities, add new requests or delete others. Progress is charted by means of a list where all requests are kept.

At any given moment, the list reflects your most current priorities. And because our team tackles tasks from the top of the list, your priorities are our priorities.