Matching, Recognition, Results

The Best-Performing Address Matching and Recognition Solutions for
Postal and Logistics Companies


A platform for intelligent address matching solutions and services - with extreme performance, accuracy and dynamic scalability. Onsite, Cloud, SDK.


High-performance address reading system, gives postal operators cost efficiency, automation and flexibility in a rapidly changing postal business.


Syslore Analytics is an application and process agnostic analytics, control and process-monitoring tool for mail and parcel sorting quality control.

Cut Costs and Maximize Automation for Physical and Digital Mail 

Syslore develops high-performance address matching and recognition solutions for postal and logistics companies, helping them to cut operational costs, maximize mail sorting automation and deliver physical and digital mail streams more efficiently.

Our solutions apply fuzzy matching, OCR/ICR, pattern recognition and machine vision technologies to recognize address and other data with unmatched accuracy, speed and intelligence.